Tabtor Math Learning PLatform on iPads - Would love to speak with you

by Michael Silva
(South Brunswick, NJ)

My name is Michael Silva and I work for the Educational Technology company Tabtor which specializes currently in Math Curriculum. We provide an innovative and revolutionary teaching/learning platform that will transform the way kids learn and the way teachers will teach in the classroom. Our program is delivered through iPads. We have two populations that can use our products, schools and private consumers looking for tutoring for their children.

Youtube Clip which contains CEO Comments, Parent/Teacher/Student Testimonials

For schools our platform can be used to make teachers more effective in the classroom by giving them the ability to differentiate the lesson plan for each individual student. Our program takes away almost all of the administrative work (grading, data reports, etc.), and gives back teachers countless hours that they can use, to Teach! I have numerous videos of teacher and student testimonials that I can share with you.

For private consumers (parents) looking for tutoring for their child in math, we can provide those services from the comfort of their own home. Think of us as the "Netflix of the Tutoring World". We have a physical tutor behind every child that checks every problem and every strategy that the student uses when answering a problem. Based on your child's data, we can customize the future work assignments based on their strengths and weaknesses and filling in any of the gaps along the way. We charge a fraction of the price to our competitors such as Kumon, Sylvan, and Huntington, and we provide feedback on a daily basis, and not only once a week when visiting the tutoring center.

We understand the value of Bloggers and we want to know if you are interested in potentially writing about us, whether if its a product review, a ghost writer for our blog, perhaps run a contest on your site to give away Tabtor services to a lucky follower of your blog. We would also like to give your followers a free 2 week trial to check us out. If you have kids, I would love to send you an invite for your kids to try us out. We were recently covered in a Blog called Mathsinsider, the piece was called "Tabtor A real alternative to Kumon? Check it out, Caroline Musika (Mathsinsider Blogger) wrote a fantastic piece which has brought tremendous traffic to our site. We are looking to partner with Bloggers that have an interest in education, parenting, and doing what best for kids.

Please let me know if you are interested in speaking further, as I would be very excited to open up that dialogue. I appreciate your time and consideration in this matter and wish you well. My email address is

Best Regards
Michael S. Silva
Head of Salesp: 480-3TABTOR
Tabtor is Redefining Personalized Learning. Like It, Review It and Refer a Friend, Today!

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