Subtraction Games

Subtraction games that will teach your child to:

Create subtraction problems and write matching equations.

This is a no brainer. Encourage your child to use the subtraction strategies on this website to answer real life problems. Since you know your child best, you can use scenarios that your child is interested in to make story problems. Encourage your child to think about things that interest you and make up a story problem for you to answer (this can be super funny).

For example, my son loves video games. A fun problem for him would be: You earned 10,000 points on level one and 3,400 points on level 2.How many more points did you get on the first level? 

Make up story problems and see if your child can tell you what you would do to get an answer- emphasis the importance of the language in the story problem; don't focus on the answer, just how you might go about solving the problem.

Use these key terms as you make up story problems: 

Subtract, difference, take away, less than, are not, remain, decreased by, have or are left, change(money problems), more

* You don't have to answer the problem just talk about how you would solve a problem.

Can your child make up their own subtraction games? 

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