Subtraction Games

Subtraction Games that will teach your child to: 

Take numbers apart according to place value ex. (1234, 1000+200+30+4).

Sidewalk Games : A fun way to help your child understand this is to draw 4 large boxes on your driveway with sidewalk chalk or use masking tape on your carpet. Write 1000 in the first box, 100 in the second, 10 in the third, and 1 in the last box. Give your child a four digit number: 4567. Have your child jump on each box's value and tell you how many thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones the number you chose has. Subtraction games that involve moving are usually a favorite. 

We play What is my Number? . Each of us picks a number. We take turns trying to guess each other's number. For example, I secretly pick 4567. So when it is my turn I say 4000+500+60=7. 

Number Hunt: At our house we are always waiting in the car to pick someone up from practice so if you have a newspaper in your car......
It is fun to look through the daily paper and find numbers and break them down too!

Look for house/mailbox numbers to take apart while your on a walk. When you start looking you will be amazed at how many numbers surround us everyday. Make up your own subtraction games with these numbers. 

Savvy Shopping: I love to we look at the ads and compare prices. Which item is more? less? any the same? This is a fun activity during the holidays. 

More subtraction games? Around holidays you can have your kids make a wish list for themselves or a list of gifts to make/buy for other people and research the prices. How much is the total? Do they have enough money? 

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