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Write and solve subtraction story problems using the subtraction strategies.

You will see subtraction word problems in any situations where there is a loss or a decrease of something as a result of deducting a number from another. Think of subtraction as removing parts from a whole.

So.... that is fancy talk for " subtraction means making a whole something a smaller something".

Story problems can be make engaging by making up easily that are relevant to your child. For example, my son loves video games and is saving up for a new game. I might ask him if he went to the store to buy the video game and the game was $45.00 would he have enough? Would he have any left? How much more does he need?

1. Change some of your everyday wording. Use the word "take away", "remove , or "subtract" more often. For example, at the grocery store when one of my children put something in the cart that we are not buying I might say " please subtract those cookies from the cart" or " will you subtract the groceries from the car?" It sounds silly, but you can spend a day or two doing it and really hit the idea home that subtraction means reducing a whole.

NOTE: On a day when I want to use "subtract", I put a sticky on my steering wheel that says "SUBTRACT". Every time I get in the car it reminds me that today we use the word "subtract" as much as we can!

2. Give your child the answer to a problem and have them make up a story problem to match the answer.

For example: I say "15 carmels". Now your child makes up a story problem in which the answer will be 15 carmels. " I bought a bag of 25 carmels. I ate 5 at the store and 5 when I got home. How many did I have left?

3 Things Rule:

**I encourage my children to make story problems with at least 3 things going the above example, we started with 25 carmels then we ate 5 then we ate 5 more. We could have just said we ate 10 carmels but, by breaking it into 2-5's it requires more thinking and prepares them for problems that aren't straight forward.

subtraction games

Use subtraction key words when you are making up your stories ( use what you feel is appropriate):

Subtract, difference, take away, less than, are not, remain, decreased by, have or are left, change (money problems), more

Have fun playing these subtraction games!

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