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This strategy is a little more complicated but, very worth it! Your child will subtract like a genius! It can really boost their self confidence.

A Friendly 10 fact involves making an equation friendly by changing the 9 or 8 to a 10. Obviously, you would use this strategy when you are subtracting 9 or 8 from any number.

When subtracting an 8 or 9 from a number, you can borrow from one number to make the other one 10. For example: 9-3....borrow 1 from the 3-that leaves me with 2...take the one I borrowed and turn the 9 into 10 you can easily subtract: 10-2=8. This is a Friendly Ten fact!

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1. A ten frame is perfect for this. Show your child 2 ten frames, put 9 objects in one ten frame and 4 in the other. Now drag one object from the ten frame with 4 in it. That leaves 3 in one ten frame and 10 in the other. Then subtract the full 10 frame and the 3. See how making one number into a 10 can make this equation friendly?

2. Practice changing the 8 or 9 into a 10. I often shout out two numbers (one of which is always an 8 or 9) and ask my kids to change the 8 or 9 into ten and tell me how many are left. For example, I say "8 minus 6" and they take two from the six, which leaves 4 and add it to the 8 to make 10, say the friendlier equation " 10 minus 4" . I just want them to convert the 8 or 9 to 10 at this point- answering the equation is not important.

MAKE IT ENGAGING: If they try to give me the answer I cover my ears and say "I don't want to know". They love that part- so they want to play more.

3. AND THE JUDGE SAYS- Have your children rate dinner dinner between 1 and 10. After they give their score have them tell you how many it would take to make it a 10.

For example: "This spagetti is a 7 because it needs a little more sauce" I would say " Okay, how many more points would it take to get to 10?"

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