Games to play with the sky writing 100 chart

# 1. Number Patterns

Use your laser pen to trace all numbers that have a 2 in them.
Do they form a line?
Do the lines meet?
Trace numbers that have a six in them?
What do you notice?
Trace numbers that have the same number in the ones and tens place.

# 2. Special Numbers (use the blank hundreds chart as your child progresses)

The number of people in your family

The day you were born

The number of relatives you have

Your favorite or “lucky” number

Your age

Your shoe size

The number of pets you have

# 3. Before and After

You can use the blank 100 chart.
Select a number from 0 to 100. Have your child find where the number is on the blank 100 chart and shine their light on it. Then, say the number before and after that number.

# 4. Add and Subtract Big Numbers (use the blank hundreds chart as your child progresses)

Do more difficult addition and subtraction beyond what your child can handle mentally.
Develop mental math skills by showing how to add or subtract the tens first (counting up or down) then the ones (counting left or right.)
What happens when you go up and down diagonally?

#5. Patterns

Find multiplication patterns. Use your flashlight to skip count 3's, 4's, etc. (When you skip count by 3's these numbers are called multiples....good vocab. lesson).
Use your laser pen and sing the skip counting songs at (find the complete list in 4th grade multiplication).

# 6. To 100

Take turns flashing your light on any number. The other player has to say how many more it takes to make 100.

# 7. Fractions (use the blank hundreds chart as your child progresses)

Use your light to show what number is 1/2 of 100? What number is 3/4 of 100? Are you sure? How can you show it is true ( Hint: think of quarters and dollars)?

# 8. Secret Number (use the blank hundreds chart as your child progresses)

Choose secret number.
Your child can pick any number and shine their laser light on it -this will be a random starting point. Use the arrows on the sky writing poster to help your child find the secret number. For example, shine your light on the arrow pointing right and say 4 spaces. They use their flash/laser light to count 4 spaces to the right. Now shine your light on the vertical arrow and go 7 spaces.
This continues until the secret number is revealed!

# 9. What number am I? (use the blank hundreds chart as your child progresses)

Have your child find a number you have secretly picked. Give place value clues! For example, this number has a ten's digit that is more than 5 ( they then flash their light on the right side of the hundred chart). The one's digit is less than 2 ( now they know it has to be 15, 16, 17, 18, 19). What number am I?

# 10. Money ( use with the blank hundred chart too)

Shine your light on the value of:
3 nickels
4 nickels and 4 pennies

# 11: Shapes on the 100 chart

Make shapes:
A Cross: .... draw a line (with your light) vertically down the 5's column and a horizontal line starting at 41 and going to 50.

An X: draw a diagonal line starting at 10 going to 91, then a vertical line across the bottom 91 to 100 ,and then up a vertical line from 100 to 10.
Make up your own shapes
Have your child give you directions as you draw the shape and vice vera.