Numberline Math Games

Numberline Activities

# 1: 10 Questions ( can be done on both numbered and non numbered numberlines)

Make a point that corresponds to your secret number ( estimate the position the best you can).
You child can ask you yes and no questions only trying to find the secret number. For example, is it in between 20 and 30?

# 2 Hot and Cold ( can be done on both numbered and non numbered numberlines)

Your child picks a number and as you shine your light over a numberline they tell you if your getting hot or cold.

# 3 Match EmOne of you shines their light on a number in the 100 chart and the other one shows where it lies on the number line. Do it fast. Do it in slow motion. Get creative with it!

# 4
How much is it worth?
If you had five dollars where would you it fall on the number line? What dollar amount are you close to? If you had$ 15.00 where would it be? How about .50 cents? How about $1.50? (you can ask your child to round up or down- 5 or more rounds up)

#5. Number lines show students that fractions are set amounts between numbers. Find ½, find ¼, find ¾, etc. Are these less than 1? How do you know? Find a spot onthe numberline can you figure out what fraction it would be? Just take a guess.

# 6: Addition: Pick a number....any number. Have your child see how many combinations of 2 and 3 numbers they can make to equal that number. For example, if the number is 15, the students shines his light as he says all the combinations that will make 15.