Math Games Tool: Numberline Games

Numberline Activities

# 1: 10 Questions (can be done on both numbered and non numbered numberlines)

One person chooses a secret number.
Your child can ask you yes and no questions only...... trying to find the secret number. For example, is it in between 20 and 30?

# 2 Hot and Cold (can be done on both numbered and non numbered numberlines)

Your child secretly picks a number. You use your laser light to try and find this number. As you shine your light over a numberline your child gives you hot and cold clues to finding the secret number. Hot (if your close) or cold( if you are way off).

# 3 Match Em

One of you shines their light on a number in the 100 chart and the other one shows where it lies on the number line. Do it fast. Do it in slow motion. Get creative with it!

# 4 Money Line

If you had five dollars where would it fall on the number line? What dollar amount are you close to? If you had $ 15.00 where would it be? How about .50 cents? How about $1.50 (ask your child to round up or down: Remember that if a number is 5 or more you round up)?

#5. Find Fractions

Number lines can visually show students that fractions are in between the whole numbers. Find ½, find ¼, find ¾, etc. Are these less than 1? How do you know? Find a spot on the numberline can you figure out what fraction it would be? Make an estimate.

# 6: Addition:

Pick a number....any number. Have your child see how many different numbers they can combine (add /subtract) to equal that number. For example, if the number is 15, your child can shine the laser light on the numbers as he explains.

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