Nature Scavenger Hunt

Look outside.

Math surrounds us everyday. Most of the time we are unaware of it.

This Scavenger Hunt will have your children hiking, digging, and collecting parts of nature. Outside the classroom they can explore mathematical ideas and appreciate our world. Help your child apply math in real life.

P.S It is pretty fun too!

Check out some of our finds:

The circumference is the distance around the outside of a circular object.

So many patterns. These leaves all have 5 large veins. They make groups of 5.

So if I have 3 leaves with 5 veins per leaf.....5 +5+5= 15 or 5 X 3= 15

15 veins on 3 leaves!

This rock is in the shape of a triangle. It is 3-dimensional with a triangular base (pretty close at least), we can call it a triangular prism.

Congruent shapes are the same shape and size. They can be turned, flipped, or rotated and they are still congruent.

Ready to explore?

Download your free Nature Scavenger Hunt:

K-2 Nature Scavenger Hunt

3-5 Nature Scavenger Hunt

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