Multiplication Games

Multiplication games that will teach your child to: 

Represent multiplication as an array

You might be thinking. What the heck is an array? It is a fancy word for a even group of things, usually organized in a square or rectangle. When you buy a case of water it is in an array. A 24 pack it packaged in 4 rows of 6 (an array). 

If you go any store there are arrays everywhere. A 24 pack of soda pop is organized in 4 groups of 6 (making a rectangle), this is an array. This is also multiplication because 4 groups of 6 is 24, so 6x4=24.

Go on an Array Hunt at the grocery store. Some ideas: packs of Cup of Noodles, soda pop, cases of water, juice packs, pudding, yogurt, etc. Count the many groups? How many in each group? How many total? Help your child make the connection between an array and multiplication. You can even make an equation : 6 groups of 2 is 12, so 6x2=12.

Crazy Math Mom Tip

When you are out and about you can find arrays on a tile floor or wall. Ask your child to guess (estimate) how many tiles or patterns they think are on the floor or wall. Make an estimate, then count them by multiplying both sides (length x width). You can make smaller arrays within the larger array too if there are too many of a certain pattern. You are teaching your child about multiplication, dimensions, and area at the same time. 

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