Multiplication Games

Multiplication games that teach children to: 

Make their own multiplication story problems and write the matching equations.

Multiplication story problems are multiplication problems presented through a story. Your child should be able to understand how multiplication is used in everyday situations. 

Here are some examples of multiplication story problems you can ask on a daily basis:

1. There are 3 people in 2 lines at the many people?

2. One line at the grocery store is for people with 10 items or less. If you had twice as many groceries as you needed to go through that many groceries do you have?

Later you can use some specific vocabulary: Times, Product of, multiplied by, by(dimensions).

For example:

The dimensions of this window are 5 by 10. If you multiply the dimensions what do you get?

Five soccer balls multiplied by 4? 

Many parents will make up addition and multiplication story problems but, multiplication and division problems are often left behind.

Talking about story problems and how you might solve them is the "MOST POWERFUL" tool to helping your child master solving story problems. 

Have fun playing multiplication games!

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