Multiplication Games

Multiplication games that will teach:

Multiplying powers of 10,100,1000

 Multiply by 10 (add one zero), Multiply by 100 ( add two zeros), or Multiply by 1000 (add two zeros).

You simply increase the value of a number by adding zero


1) 46 × 10
There is only one zero, so 46 × 10 = 460

2) 47 × 10,000
There are 4 zeros, so 4 × 10000 = 470000

3) 18 × 10,000,000
There are 7 zeros, so 18 × 10,000,000 = 180,000,000

Please read...VERY IMPORTANT

If you have used 100 and 1000 charts to build this understanding then your child will understand how the value of the number changes when you add a 0. If not please visit: 2nd and 3rd grade addition and multiplication games on this site. You will be able to print off the number charts you need.

Having a strong foundation in place value is absolutely essential to succeeding in math.

Here is a chant that helps:

Add a ze-ro to the end 
You have mul-ti-plied by 10 
Add two 0's. Use your head, 
Mul-ti-ply by one hun-dred. 

Add three 0's. This is fun. 
Mul-ti-ply by one thou-sand.
How much fur-ther can you go? 
There's no lim-it, you should know.

Tape the chant to the inside of the box of your board games. You won't believe how helpful it is....encourage your child to use it when they are having trouble counting money.

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