Multiplication Games

Group objects for easy counting

These multiplication games will build a foundation for truly understanding multiplication.

This skill is alot like skip counting. Your child should be able to group objects in a systematic way for counting. For example, they might try grouping in: 2's, 20's, 100's, etc.- you get the idea. The larger the group the larger the groupings. Using a hundreds chart is very helpful.

You can use a hundreds chart and circle different sized groups. You can circle 50 groups of 2 or 10 groups of 20. I laminated a hundreds chart and my kids can use a dry erase marker on it and then erase it and try a new grouping.

1. Play "Pass the Paper" at home, in the car,etc. Tell your kids there is going to be a race to 100. The first person starts by writing (or calling out) the number 2, then they pass the paper and the next person writes(or calls out) 4, and this skip counting by 2's continues until the first group reaches 100 or the paper drops. Then, repeat the game but try to count by 5's, 20's,etc.

2. Count the pantry: Pull out different items from the pantry and make make groups. Use a dice to decide what sized groups to make. Make groups and count with anything: Marshmallows, cereal, nuts, the list goes on and on.

3. Find Groups of Things. When your out and about, point out groups of things. For example, traffic lights (groups of 3), licence plate numbers, same color cars in a parking lot. Once you start looking you will be amazed!

100 Chart-PDF Download

My kids and I played "Pass the Paper" at dinner the other night. They loved it! We threw the paper around and counted by 5's, 10's, 20's, 25's...then tried 2's, 3's, 6's, that was alot harder!

- Debbie

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