Multiplication Games

Multiplication games that teach your child to:

Write, solve, and explain multiplication facts:example: 2x8 is 2 groups of 8.

Write, solve, and explain multiplication facts 2's, 5's, 10's.

Note: Many states require students to know all their multiplication facts by the end of 3rd grade. Parents should know that starting with the easiest multiplication tables which are 2's, 5's, and 10's is essential. 2's, 5's, and 10's will serve as anchors to learn all of the other multiplication facts.

Before you have your child start worksheets....

Be sure your child knows the concept of multiplication. Multiplying whole numbers is sequential or repeated adding (2+2+2+2). Show your child four piles of three objects each, (e.g. pennies or Lego's) or some such combination. Explain that "You have three pennies, four times".

So 3+3+3+3 is 3, 4 times. And in arithmetic, we say: 3 x 4.
We can add these up and get 12 or multiply them to get 12.

Do as many of these as you need, using small quantities. Now put several equal piles of objects and ask how many are in the pile? After your child gives you the answer, ask how many piles there are? You may find your child hesitating -- it is too easy and too obvious. If he/she protests, "This is dumb." -- agree! I usually say, "You're right. It does seem dumb. I told you it was really going to be easy.

Shopping at the grocery store is a perfect way to teach and reinforce the concept of multiplication. I tell my kids the grocery store should really be called the "Multiplication Store". In fact, I will say I have to go shopping at the multiplication store, who wants to come? We play multiplication games at the grocery store as we look for groups of items and make a multiplication problem out of it.

Try these:

Scavenger Hunt- Find things that come in groups of ____.

I Spy- When your shopping someone can say " I spy with my little eye something that comes in packs of ___".

Camera Scavenger Hunt: Let your child use the camera on your phone to take pictures of items that you ask your child to find. For example, Find 3 things that comes in groups of 15.

WARNING: Don't Move On with multiplication until your child understands the concept of Multiplication!

** In order to be successful at multiplication facts your child needs to know their addition doubles inside and out. **

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