Multiplication Games

Multiply by 3

1. 3's are easily taught by skip counting or rather counting by 3's.

Initially you can count anything you want that comes in threes. Example: traffic lights, sides of a triangle, corners of a pizza, tricycles,etc.

You can also make your own group of threes. In my family every time we drive under traffic lights we count by 3's to see how many are there! Multiplication games can be as simple as..... clapping out how many traffic lights are above you as you drive under them.

After your child has enough practice playing multiplication games and activities they will understand the concept of skip counting by 3's.

2. This song really helps kids remember the pattern of 3:

Tune of: Row, Row, Row your boat:


3,6,9, and 12 (Row, Row ,Row your boat)
15, 18, 21 (gently down the stream)
24 and 27 (Merrily, Merrily Merrily, Merrily)
30 -I Say "thirtiriririririty" ( life is but a dream)

While singing the song you can hold up your fingers one for each number in the song. When I get to my fourth finger I am at 12 in the the 4x3 is 12. Give your child lots of practice doing multiplication problems using the strategy they like best.

3. Once your child is familiar with counting by 3's they are ready for a strategy. Double Plus One is a great strategy for 3's. Since your child now knows how to double a number, they can double the number and then add one more group. For example, 4x3 ( 4 + 4= 8......8 + 4 more = 12).

Don't forget: although multiplication is communicative (2x6=6x2) they look different in real life. For example 2 six packs would be 6x2 while, 6 packs of Hostess cupcakes (come in 2's) would be 2x6. It is good to make multiplication problems correct so there is no confusion later on.

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