Multiplication Games

Multiplication Games that will teach your child to:

Multiply by 10

The easy way or the hard way? How about both?

The easy way:

Tens are super easy. Just write down the number that is being multiplied by 10 and add a zero to it!

7 X 10 = 70
12 X 10 = 120
37 X 10 = 370
492 X 10 = 4,920

Don't forget the hard way:

It is easy to memorize the 10's but, there is a very important concept for your child to understand here. 10's are the key to math. 100 and 1000 charts are great for understanding numbers. You can play multiplication games with 100's and 1000's charts. For example, What is my number? start at 42, add 10, subtract 10, add 2-10's, what number am I?

This site has some truly awesome ideas with the hundreds chart.

Check out this site:

I love the activities at this thing I recommend is to use a 100's chart often. Soooo...being the busy mom I am I made a portable magnetic hundreds board. I took a magnetic white board and drew a hundreds chart on it with a permanent marker. I bought small colored magnets that fit on each individual number.

While were driving in the car or at church we count by 2's marking each 2 with yellow magnets, 10's with blue magnets, we play what is my number, using magnets to hold their place,etc. Kids loooovveee it and the sense of numbers they develop will help them for a lifetime!

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