Multiplication Games

Multiplication Games that will teach your child: 

Multiply by 2's

 2's are simply adding doubles. For example 8 + 8 is the same as 2 X 8, etc. 

So..... when your child sees a number being multiplied by 2, they can think of the doubles addition problem associated with the multiplication equation.

Once they realize that if they see a a 2's multiplication problem they take the other number and double it.


If your child learned to use picture associations to add doubles they can use the same associations for multiplying a number by 2.

Note: kids love making the associations but, they will need practicing visualizing what a group of two of these looks like: two cats have eighteen lives or two cat with nine lives take away one cat with nine lives, leaves nine lives . You can really cement this concepts by : verbally talking about it, drawing a picture, and quizzing your child often.

Some ideas:

2's: shoes, eyes, ears, nostrils, arms, legs

3's: traffic lights, triangle edges, tricycles, 3 wise men, peanut

butter sandwich

4's: car wheels, seasons, members of the Beatles

5's: fingers, toes, minute hand on the clock

6's: half dozen eggs, 6 pack of soda

7's: days of the week, points in a football game, the Harry Potter

series (7 books in all), 7 continents

8's: octopus legs, octagon, spider legs

9's: tic tac toe game, lives of a cat, fingers (if you lose one in an accident-kids love this one)

Here is what we want kids to think about when they encounter a problem: 

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