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Multiplication games that will teach  your child:

Know Multiplication tables by heart 1-12 

There is so much controversy in the world of education regarding multiplication. Some say "it is about understanding the concept of "adding groups" other say that the only way to learn is "memorization". Of course, the answer is both. Listen closely, this is very important: if children understand the concept of multiplication they will always be able to figure out unknown problems. This website is dedicated to providing high quality multiplication games and activities to build a strong math foundation.

However, we run into another problem, it takes way too long for kids to arrive at an answer without shortcuts. If children use an efficient strategy (shortcut) enough they will naturally memorize that fact. A real life example, When I was in high school I always misspelled the word "information". I would always write "infromation". I continually lost points on my papers for this misspelling. Finally, I made up a rhyme to help me remember how to spell the word. I used the rhyme for a while..after period of time it took me longer to say the rhyme than just spell it correctly. I had effectively memorized how to spell this word. By the way, I never misspell the word "information".

Your child should know what a factor and product is at this point. An equation has two factors "the facts" and a product "the answer". Your job in multiplication is to use two factors to find the product.

If you have only memorized the can forget them very easily. If you know how multiplication works you can always figure out a way to get to the answer

Be sure your child knows the concept of multiplication. Multiplying whole numbers is sequential or repeated addition ( 2+2+2+2). Show your child four piles of three objects each, (e.g. pennies or Lego's) or some such combination. Explain that "each piles has three pennies, and there are four groups. So 3+3+3+3 is 3 pennies, 4 times. And in arithmetic, we say that 3 x 4. We can add these up and get 12. 

Do as many of these as you need, using small quantities. Now put several equal piles of objects and ask how many are in the pile? After your child gives you the answer, ask how many piles there are? You may find your child hesitating -- it is too easy and too obvious. If he/she protests, "This is dumb." -- agree

WARNING: Don’t Move On Until Your Child Understands The Concept Of Multiplication! 

** HINT: In order to be successful with multiplication facts it is so much easier if your child knows their addition doubles inside and out. **

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