Multiplication Games

Put objects in order to 100

Multiplication Games using a number line are extremely helpful. They can help your child understand just before, just after, between, greater than, and less than.

A vast majority of people are visual learners. A number line is a visual way of seeing differences while playing multiplication games.

1. You can draw a numberline with chalk outside and have your child run up and down the numberline to specific numbers you call out.

2. The stairs can be a numberline. My kids love to jump up and down the stairs. We pretend that each step is a 10, so I might say jump to 50 and they will jump 5 times. Now jump back 2, what number are you on? This is especially great in the winter when your cooped up inside.

3. Play these simple and engaging numberline games.

4. How many people can you squish in that building? This is a silly game you can play anywhere. When you see a building (big, small, average) try to guess how many people you could squish in that space. The kids love it. You can help by asking " Would 50 people fit?" "Would 75 people fit?" "Would 100 people fit?"

* An understanding of number order is a vital skill that must be mastered in order to understand the concept of multiplication. This skill is foundational, if it is not developed there will be problems down the road. So slow down and take some time to work on it....if you don't, who will?

Thank you for the great ideas. I never realized how important ordering numbers were to multiplication. It is something we keep working on...we love the "How many people can you squish in a building". We saw a huge office building and my kids starting argueing about how many people could fit in it. How cool is that?
- Your Fan, Julie

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