Multiplication Games

These multiplication games will teach your child the strategy of:

Put in order, count, and make groups of 10's, 100's, and 1000's

The idea here is for kids to see that all numbers are made of 10's, 100's in 1000, and so forth.

1. Post a 1000 chart. This is a good time to introduce a 1000 chart. The cool part about this chart is that kids find the most unique number patterns in the chart. If you have worked with a 100's chart previously, when you see a 1000's chart the reaction is probably " Whoa the numbers are small!"Use the chart to count by 100's, 200's, 300's, etc.

I HIGHLY recommend take the 1000 chart to a local copy shop and have the pages englarged ( you can even get a poster size). You can put it together and post it in your house.

Download a 1000 chart

2. Things to do on the 1000 chart to build the concept of Place Value. These activities will require your child to order, count, and group numbers. Encourage your child to skip count instead of count by 1's. Notice that you can count by 10's, 100's, and 1000's.

Some quick ideas:

Count by 100's backwards and forwards.

Make two 1000 charts, post one on each side of a door, draw battle ships on your 1000 chart and play "Battleship".

See how far you can count by 2's, 3's, 4's, etc. See any patterns?

Keep track of 1000 pennies or quarters.

3. Teach your child the ASL sign for 1000. When he/she needs help that requires the 1000 chart, you can sign 1000 and they will know to use the chart to help their thinking.

I can't believe how many numbers make 1000. It is worth it to have the 1000 chart made into a poster. We use it for all kinds of things; the other day my son wanted a video game. It was $65.00. I suggested we rent it first and try it out before we bought it. He just wanted to go buy it NOW. So we looked at the price difference on the 1000 chart. I had him find 65 and then find 7 (the cost of a rental). He could see the huge price difference. Although he still wanted to buy it, he could see the benefit in renting it first.

- Dean

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