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Multiplication games that will teach your child their:


If you have been working through your multiplication this time your child will have a strategy for : 12x0, 12x1, 12x2, 12x3, 12x4, 12x5, 12x9, 12x10, 12x11. 

Other ways to think about 12: 
(1). I might break the equation into 2 equations and add the products together. For example, 12x6 ( is really 10x6 and 2x6) you add the products of both of these equations (60+12) and get the answer, 72.

(2). I can look at the number I am multiplying by 12. Take that number, double it then put the sum in the ones place, forcing the 4 in the tens place, for 48. Here is an example, 12x4 : I double 4 to get 8, I put 8 in the ones place forcing the 4 in the tens place for , 48. 

If you double the number and the sum igreater than 9 you will have to carry, here is an example: 12x6. I double 6 and get 12, I put the 2 (of the twelve) in the ones place, add the 1 (of twelve) to 6 (which has been forced into the tens place), to get 7. So I have 72.

Let's practice one more time, 12x9. I double the 9 and get 18, I put the 8 (of the eighteen) down in the ones place, add the 1(of eighteen) to the 9 (which has been forced into the tens place) ,to get 10. So I have 108.

Skip counting by 12's song, tune of : "My Darling Clementine"


12,24,36 (Oh my darling, Oh my darling)
48 and 69 (Oh my darling, Clementine)
72 and 84 (you are gone and lost forever )
96 my Clementine! (Oh my darling Clementine)

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