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Multipllication games that will teach your child their..


To multiply a single digit times 11, just write the number 1 down twice:

11 X 2 = 22
11 X 3 = 33

I tell my kids that 11 copies the number twice that it is being multiplied by ...11x2 becomes 22.

To multiply double digits and 11 the strategy changes. When multiplying a two digit number by 11, add the 2 digit number you are multiplying by together and put that sum in between the two digits in that same number.

Sounds complicated..not really, look at this. 11x14= ( add the 1 and 4 to get 5, now squeeze the 5 in between the 1 and 4 for 154. Try it: 11x 18 (1+8 =9, Write 18 and squeeze 9 in the middle for 198).

This will work for every 2 digit number, through 99. You will have to carry a number if the sum is a two digit number. Stay with me here.....For example, 11x 89, 8+9=17 so I squeeze the 7 in the middle of 8 and 9 and carry the one to the hundred place, add that 1 to the 8 and you get 979.

DON'T FORGET..... although multiplication is communicative (2x6=6x2) they look different in real life. For example 2 six packs of soda would be 6x2 while, 6 packs of Hostess cupcakes (come in 2's) would be 2x6. It is good to make multiplication problems correct so there is no confusion later on.

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