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Multiplication Games that will teach your child their: 


10's are super easy. Just write down the number that is being multiplied by 10 and add a zero to it! 

7 X 10 = 70 
12 X 10 = 120 
37 X 10 = 370 
492 X 10 = 4,920 

I tell my children that the 10 eats the number it is being multiplied by and makes it fatter by adding a zero. 

It is easy to memorize but, there is a very important concept for your child to understand here. 10's are the key to math (the number system is based on 10's). 

Here are some incredible multiplication games and activities: 

Use the hundreds and thousands chart for understanding place value. You can play games with 100's and 1000's charts. For example:

What is my number? start at 42, add 10, subtract 10, add 2-10's, What number am I?

Make picture puzzles
Cut the 100 / 300 / 1000 charts up into shapes and have your child piece them back together. Cut a blank chart into puzzle pieces, writing in one or two numbers on each piece. Can your child fill in the missing numbers?

Play Race to 100. Each person takes turns rolling one or two dice and moving the corresponding spaces on the hundreds chart. Who every makes it first to 100 wins ( you can alter this game by playing with the 300 or 1000 chart).

Color the number charts to find patterns in numbers. Counting by twos, fives, and tens. Also can be used as a multiplication visual aid.

Check out 2nd and 3rd grade addition and multiplication on this site for more great multiplication games and activities!

DON'T FORGET.... although multiplication is communicative (2x6=6x2) they look different in real life.

For example, 2 six packs of soda would be 6x2 while, 6 packs of Hostess cupcakes (come in 2's) would be 2x6. It is good to make multiplication problems correct so there is no confusion later on.

100 Chart 
100 Chart- Blank 
300 Chart 
1000 Chart (print on legal size paper) 
1000 Chart- Blank ( print on legal size paper)

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