Math Games Tool: 300 Chart

An Incredible Math Games Tool!

What is the big deal about number charts and what do they have to do with math games?

The number chart is one of the most versatile manipulative tools for teaching mathematics. You can certainly count on a number chart but,it can be used for teaching number patterns and number relationships, operations, and problem solving. Number chart activities are designed to help elementary students in K-5.

This 300 chart is another tool for learning place value and number sense . Kids need a strong understanding of place value to add, subtract, mulitply, divisde, find percents, calculate fractions, etc. So, this is super important stuff!

Charts and graphs like this are so great because they allow kids to visualize the info, which helps them understand it better. For example when I ask my child to subtract : 246-113, they will be able to find 246...count backwards to 113. When they are usign the 300 chart to count backward they are learning number relationships: hundreds, tens, and ones and they are can see the quantity of these numbers compared to each other (number sense). 

What is Number Sense?

Number sense "describes a cluster of ideas, such as the meaning of a number, ways of representing numbers, relationships among numbers, the relative size of numbers, and skill in working with them." Number sense is not taught at one time or in one grade level. It is a part of children’s daily mathematical lives and slowly grows and develops over time. These children have learned, over time, that they are capable of solving problems and that they can play with numbers to make sense of a problem. They have used their growing number sense to develop strategies to help them solve problems.

So have fun and know you are teaching valuable skills and concepts while playing math games with this Free 300 Chart: 

Math Games Tools: Free 300 Chart

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