The following multiplication words will be helpful to you as you help your child with 3rd grade math

Repeated Addition:.

Definition:  When the same numbers are added over and over again.  A simpler way of reaching the same result is to use multiplication

Skip Counting:

Definition: Counting by a specific number.
For example, we could skip count 4= 4, 8, 12


Definition: Another way to represent multiplication. 2 rows of 3 objects.

Multiplication Tables:

Definition: The tried and true table of multiplication facts. We use the multiplication table to find the product of 3 and 9, locate 3 in the first column and then find 9 in the top row. Follow the 3 row to where it meets the 9 column. The number in the square where the column and row meet is the product. 
Warning: Do not let your child rely on the multiplication table to do their homework.

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