21 Things to do Before Summer Ends!

As September approaches, You might be thinking...did I do everything I wanted to do with my kids this summer?
Here are a few simple, inexpensive ideas to make your summer complete:

1. Snuggle under a blanket outside, do some star gazing or cloud watching. This is a great time to make up stories to tell to each other. Everybody can take a turn.

2. Write on the sidewalk. Or the driveway. Use sidewalk chalk sticks to draw big pictures, play Hangman, and get in a little practice on spelling and 1-2-3s with young children.

3. Stay up late. Have family fun after the sun goes down.

4. Take one more day trip. Plan it together

5. Camp out —even if it's just in the backyard.

6. Go bowling.

7. Take in a game of miniature golf.

8. Spend the day in bed. Let everyone hang out in their pajamas, play board games, be silly together.

9. Read a bunch of books. Picture books, chapter books, or both — depending on the ages of your children. WE love to lay on the bed and listen to audio books.

10. Build. Use big blocks or Legos when you're indoors, rocks and dirt when you're outside, or build some new toys, like box buildings, or toilet paper tube crafts. Take pictures of your masterpieces!

11. Take a hike. Plan your hike for morning or evening and be sure to bring some water. Try to pick a place in your area that you and your family haven't been before. ( Check out Crazy Math Mom's Hiking Scavenger Hunt-released the 1st week of August)!

12. Go swimming. Make one more trip to your city's pool or aquatic center.

13. Make lists of favorite lunch foods. Try out some of new lunch foods and have your kids rate them. Hold up signs numbered 1-10 to vote on lunches.

14. Eat a meal on a blanket on the floor.

15. Sort clothes. Get shirts, shorts, pants, or uniforms ready for school. Have your child donate other clothes to local shelters or charity thrift stores.

16. Have dessert first. Eat dessert and then dinner. Kids think this is so cool.

17. Go to a park. Try one in your area that you have never been.

18. Run in the sprinkler. Do not just turn it on and watch. Jump right in with the kids.

19. Practice skills. Go over things with your children they learned in camps this summer: science, sports, arts, and crafts. Or, let them show you what they learned. Let them put on a performance or show to show-off their new skills.

20. Cook. Go through your recipe books and pick some new meals, and start planning for upcoming school nights.

21. Create a Keepsake of Summer Memories together.

You don't have to spend a bunch of money to enjoy your summer. My older children often talk about their favorite memories during summer....most of their best memories are when we all spent time together doing something simple.

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