Math Games: Flashlight Math

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Math games on the Ceiling? What child doesn't love to write on the walls? Download this free math poster

What better way to do math than on the ceiling? We call this "Flashlight Math" because you play engaging math games on the ceiling with a special poster and a flashlight or laser pointer ( a couple of bucks at the drugstore).

Flash Light Math

Enlarge the free "Flashlight Math" poster and post it above your child's bed.

"FlashLight Math"  Poster Click to download the PDF

( you can go to your local copy shop and have it enlarged as big as you would like)

You will have 3 different tools to play games with.

Tool #1: 10 Frame

Using the 10 Frame you can play games that will help your child understand place value, addition, subtraction, even, odd, prime, composite,etc.

Flashlight Math: 10 Frame Games -Click to download the PDF

Tool #2: 100 Chart

Using the 100 Chart you can games that will help your child understand higher level place value, multi-digit addition, multi-digit subtract, multiplication, division, patterns, and tons more!

Flashlight Math: 100 Chart Game- Click to download the PDF

Tool #3: Number line

The Number line games will support place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and the concept of fractions

Flashlight Math:  Number line Games-Click to download the PDF

Flashlight Math

At our house "Writing on the Ceiling" has added some excitement to our bedtime routine, we curl up and get out our laser pens! The games are engaging, challenging, and create great moments together.

Each Tool and matching math games are specifically designed/research based (NTCM and Van DeWalle) to develop advance number skills so your child meets national math standards and gains math confidence

Tips for successful game playing:

  • Decide who will go first and take turns ( even if it is just a parent and a child)
  • Keep the games short ( they are designed that way so they will be engaging).
  • Allow your child to take the game in a new direction, children can really add the their learning experience by playing with the numbers and experimenting with concepts. The cool part is that you are there to guide them.
  • Play the Games when you have enough time to spend together so you are not rushed!

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Did you know that playing math games with your child has many benefits?

We all know that spending time with our children is important. But, did you know that spending time with your child has more benefits that just being there?

Get to know each other:

Playing games with your child can help you have a better

understanding of your child's feeling and views. Children and parents may share significant things as they are casually playing a game. If your playing with your other family members you can develop a deeper knowledge of each other and how you interact together.

Strengthen the Parent-Child Bond

Video games are fun and educational but, learning is a social process, children need to have interaction with other people.

Children crave time spent with their parents. Since learning is a social process games and activities that involve other people are essential.

Take advantage of this opportunity to teach your child and give them your undivided attention. Games are perfect for spending quality time with your child. They will have fun while they are learning, and they will have great memories of the time spent together. You can't get that from a video game.

Improve social skills:

Playing games with others means that each person has to wait for their turn, play honestly, and might have to work with one another to accomplish the goal of the game. Learning the rules and learning how to gently guide other players to play by the rules is a valuable life skill.

Reinforce and build math skills:

It can be very difficult for some kids to comprehend math when it is taught traditionally. Many children get lost when they learn problems by reading them or have gaps in their learning. But there is a way to learn and reinforce this information. You can easily accomplish this by playing different math games. Kids seem to learn better and understand concepts when they are entertained. By playing the right types of games your child will reap the benefit of using math in the real world. They will develop a natural number sense that crosses over into all areas of math.

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