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Division Games........... Before the Worksheets


Your child should know their 10's (multiplication facts). It is vital that they know these multiplication facts because they will be a huge help in division.

There are several strategies for solving any division problem with the divisor of 10:

The best way to explain is to show an example.

Look at: 80 / 10 .......Here are some ways to solve this problem:

(1). Look at the Divisor: By looking at the divisor you know this is a 10 fact.

(2). Skip Counting : I might skip count and realize that I have to skip count by 10's- 8 times to get to 80.

(3). Use a strategy you know: 10's are easy if you get rid of the zeros (opposite of multiplication, where you add a zero) and multiply (opposite of division), you get 8x1=8. So, 80 / 10 = 8.

FUN FACT: If a number is evenly divisible by 10 it will end in zero.

Super Important Note: It is still important to expose your child to a hundreds chart.

Here are some ideas adapted from letsplaymath.net- You can use a magnetic 100 chart to take anywhere!

(1) Think of the hundred chart as a number line ( you can even use one row to add and subtract small numbers). The chart can support your child while you ask difficult addition and subtraction problems. Take turns making up problems for each other to solve. Play simple division games: Try adding and subtracting by tens first (counting up or down) then the ones (counting left or right). If your in the car use numbers you spot on the road as a starting spot- it makes the activity much more engaging.

(2) Look for addition and subtraction patterns. Here is one: 3 + 7 = ? Now go to 43 + 7 , 73 + 7 , 83 + 7 . What do you notice? What do 10 - 7 , 20 - 7 , 30 - 7 , etc. have in common? What other patterns can you make? Kids are amazed when they see these patterns.

(3) Make a puzzle with the chart, cut in up into pieces and have your child put it back together. Cover up numbers( use a sticky or dot) in the chart and see if your child knows what they are.

(4) We love to play games with arrows, for example start at 71, go back 2(← ←), go right 1(→), then up 1(↑), what number do you have? My kids love to make up arrows for me.

(5 ) Count by 25's (think of quarters), 10( think of dimes), 1 (think of pennies), 100 (think of dollars). You can even use the chart to add up things- when we go through the drive-thru I have them get out their hundreds chart and add the price of each item (we round the numbers) and see if we can get close to the total. It is a great way to spend time waiting for your food.

Ask your child to make more division games using the hundreds chart!

Division Games........... Before the Worksheets

Dividing powers of 10,100,1000

Divide by 10 (subtract one zero)

Divide by 100 ( subtract two zeros)

Divide by 1000 (subtract three zeros)

This uses the same strategies that your child always knows. You simply decrease that value of the number by subtracting zero.

*Playing division games with the hundreds chart is very helpful*

Division Games........... Before the Worksheets

Write number sentences , some with leftovers (remainders) 22 divided by 4=5 r1.

Notes: When you start teaching division to your child you should introduce division as being a sharing operation where objects are shared (or divided) into groups of equal number.

Make sure you show your child what happens when the groups aren't even...what do you do with the extra? This is called a remainder.

Ask your child a few story problems over time, take advantage of daily situations:

There are 12 people each with 2 legs in the coffee shop how many groups of 2 are there?

There are 13 cookies and 4 people in our family, how many cookie can each of us have? will there be any left over?

You have $9.00 between two people and you have to split it two ways ... how much do we each get ?

Use key vocabulary in story problems that signal this is a division problem: quotient of, divided by, half (or a fraction), split, separated, cut up, parts, shared equally.

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