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Division Games.....Before the Worksheets


Anything/1 = itself

This is super easy..of course. The equation actually gives you the answer. Any number multiplied by one always equals itself. One group of a certain number is that number. 345 groups of 1 is 345! Try a few, start with small numbers.

Your child will most likely just need help looking at identifying the 1 facts. When they get the hang of it try big numbers. What is 66000 / 1? Think: 1 and what factor =66000?

They will need practice reading the equation ( do it aloud) and thinking backward). Always start with the largest number ( for our purposes).

Division Games.....Before the Worksheets


2's are sharing a number with 2 people or cutting a larger number in half.

When you divide something by two, you simply cut it in half.

Half of 234 is 117, therefore 234 / 2 = 117. Let's try a smaller number: 20 / 2 = 10. Why? Because half of 20 is 10. If the number you're trying to divide is odd (like, say, 33), then you can't divide it evenly by two. Easy peasy!

When trying to memorize 2's kids can think of their doubles. For example, 10/2=.......I think....what doubles equation equals 10?...oh yeah its 5...so the answer is 5...10/2=5.

Division Games.....Before the Worksheets


If your child is struggling with division then, they may need more practice multiplying 3's, this is vital.

Your child should know their 3's (multiplication facts), so it is a matter of teaching your child how to read a division problem.

Look at: 24/3=

Here are a few ways to go about solving the problem

1. By looking at the divisor you know this is a 3 fact. I might skip count and realize that I have to skip count 8 times to get to 24.

2. I might use the 3 strategy of Doubles Plus One. Since I know the divisor is 3, I can add 2- 3's together, and get 6. Next, I can double 6, 6+6=12, and then add 6 more, 12 + 6= 18. I know I'm close so I add another 6 and get 24, it took 8 groups of 3 to get to 24, so 24/3=8.

3. I can work backwards and think: 3 x ? = 24.

Wanna know if you can divide a number evenly by three? Just add up all the digits until you have a single number. If THAT number is divisible by three, so is the original number.
Case in point: 8787. If you add 8+7+8+7 you get 30. Then add 3+0, which equals three. Three is definitely divisible by three, so you know that 8787 is too!

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