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Division games that will teach you child to divide by


Knowing the difference between even and odd numbers can become very handy when dividing by 2.  All even numbers are divisible by 2. E.g., all numbers ending in 0,2,4,6 or 8.

License Plate Division

While your driving everyone can find license plates that end in even numbers. That means they are divisible by 2 (later this knowledge can be used for other divisors as well). Each player collects as many plate divisible by 2 as possible. 

We can help kids understand how to divide by 2s by explaining that dividing by 2 is like taking a number or item and sharing it between two people. Divide a whole pizza in half, divide french fries between  2 people, etc.  's are sharing a number with 2 people or cutting a larger number in half.

When you divide something by two, you simply cut it in half

Half of 234 is 117, therefore 234 / 2 = 117. Let's try a smaller number:    20 / 2 = 10. Why? Because half of 20 is 10. If the number you're trying to divide is odd (like, say, 33), then you can't divide it evenly by two. Easy peasy!

Use Addition to Divide by 2's:

When trying to memorize 2's kids can think of their doubles. For example, 10/2=.......I think....what doubles equation equals 10?...oh yeah its 5...so the answer is 5...10/2=5. 

Most kids feel really big and important when they can fill out a division worksheet. Building self esteem is always great. But a word of caution...filling out a worksheet does not mean that a child understands division. I am much more impressed when a child can explain why 64 divided by 2 is 32 rather than fill out a sheet of simple division problems.

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