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Division Games to Master:


If your child is struggling with division then, they may need more practice multiplying 3's, this is vital. 

Your child should know their 3's (multiplication facts), so it is a matter of teaching your child how to read a division problem. 

Look at: 24/3=

Here are a few ways to go about solving the problem

1. By looking at the divisor you know this is a 3 fact. I might skip count and realize that I have to skip count 8 times to get to 24.

2. I might use the 3 strategy of Doubles Plus One. Since I know the divisor is 3, I can add 2- 3's together, and get 6. Next, I can double 6, 6+6=12, and then add 6 more, 12 + 6= 18. I know I'm close so I add another 6 and get 24, it took 8 groups of 3 to get to 24, so 24/3=8.

3. I can work backwards and think: 3 x ? = 24. 

Wanna know if you can divide a number evenly by three? Just add up all the digits until you have a single number. If THAT number is divisible by three, so is the original number. 
Case in point: 8787. If you add 8+7+8+7 you get 30. Then add 3+0, which equals three. Three is definitely divisible by three, so you know that 8787 is too!

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