Division Games

Division games that will teach your child how to divide by: 


Anything/1 = itself

This is super easy..of course. The equation actually gives you the answer. Any number multiplied by one always equals itself. One group of a certain number is that number. 345 groups of 1 is 345! Try a few, start with small numbers. 

Your child will most likely just need help looking at identifying the 1 facts. When they get the hang of it try big numbers. What is 66000 / 1? Think: 1 and what factor =66000?

They will need practice reading the equation ( do it aloud) and thinking backward). Always start with the largest number ( for our purposes).

These types of games are essential to understanding division:

Dice Games – take three dice (you can use numbers written on cards if you don’t have dice to roll) and roll two. These two are multiplied to become the total. Then roll the 3rd dice and divide the total by this number. Model the number sentence with concrete materials or draw it if needed. Discuss why there are remainders.

*Rubber bands also make nice little division tools. They can be laid out flat on a desk or table to form circles, into which whatever is being divided can be dealt out. So if they kids are practicing 12 divided into 3 groups, they can lay out 3 rubber bands and deal out the 12 things one by one.

Real life situations – children of this age are usually getting pocket money. Discuss real life situations that involve money and remainders for example “share $7 between 3 people”. Alternatively questions such as “fifty eggs are packed into half dozen lots (groups of 6). How many cartons would a farmer need?

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