Division Games

Division games that will teach your child to: 

Separate a large number into equal groups

One for you and one for me

Count out pennies, 1 or 2 at a time, until each child has the 

same number of pennies or 1 penny is left over. For example, 

“One for you, one for me. Two for you, two for me....

Try counting an even number of pennies ( be sure to point out that there are equal groups of ?):

  • 12 pennies   ( for example: 2 children, 6 pennies per child, 0 remaining)
  • 10 pennies
  • 20 pennies
  • 14 pennies

Leftovers, make the following groups (point out the left overs/remaining pennies.

  • 15 pennies  ( for example:  4 children, 3 pennies per child, 3 remaining
  • 20 pennies, 6 children, 3 pennies per child, 2 remaining
  • 17 pennies, 2 children, 8 pennies per child, 1 remaining

 I'm in  a pickle ( division problem solving)

Make simple math riddles- based on whatever you and your child are doing: 

  • There are 5 cars in the parking lot, a total of 20 tires, how many tires does each car have? 
  • There are 12 individual traffic lights all together, each traffic light is made of 3 lights, how many traffic lights are there? 
  • There are 12 shoes in the coffee shop, each person has 2 shoes, how many people? 
  • 7 nerf darts and 2 kids, how many do they each get?
  • 500 legos and 4 kids, how many do they each get?
  • 2 bananas and 3 kids, how many do they each get?

Make up some of your own story problems:

Here is an example of a formal division story problem:

The coach separated 48 players into 6 teams with the same number of players on each team. How many players were on each team?

Here are some key words to use as you create division problems:

quotient of, divided by, half (or a fraction), split, separated, cut up, parts, shared equally.

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