Division Games

Play these Division Games that will teach your child:

Describe simple fractions 1/2, 1/3, 1/4; explain that these are parts of a whole.

1. Food Fractions
One way of teaching fractions that will get a child’s attention is to use food and kitchen items. These are familiar items for the child, so it puts fractions into terms they can easily understand.

  • Measuring cups come in a whole and fractions of a whole. Students can use the smaller cups to scoop food items and pour them into the 1-cup measuring cup. This allows them to see, for example, that four 1/4 measuring cups equals 1 cup. They can also see how fractions relate to each other by pouring 1/4 cups into 1/2 cups or pouring 1/8 cups into 1/2 cups.
  • Many brands of chocolate bars are scored to make easily breakable sections. Give your child a chocolate bar, and count the number of sections. Explain that there are, for example, twelve sections in one chocolate bar. How many sections are in 1/2? How about 1/4? How about 1/3. If they need to they can break the bar into 12 pieces and divide them into groups ( 3 groups for 1/3) (4 groups for 1/4). You can take this futher by asking them what 1/6, 1/12 would look like.
Chocolate Bar Fractions in a secon

2. Look at nutritional labels:

Nutritition labels can be used for more than nutrition. Have your child look at the serving size in comparison to the whole package. How much would 1/2 serving be? 1/4? 1/3?

3. Play with the Numberline:

Number lines can visually show students that fractions are between whole numbers. Find ½, find ¼, find ¾, etc. Are these less than 1? How do you know? Find a spot on the numberline, can you figure out what fraction it would be? Make an estimate.

Download the Fraction Numberline

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