Division Games

Division Games that will teach your child to:

Recognize that division is: putting things into groups (for example, dividing 40 by 4 is really just breaking apart 40 into 4 equal groups).

*Keep in mind this is different than sharing.

Division is often introduced as "sharing" and this is certainly one of the simplest approaches. At this stage children need lots of experience with sharing physical objects. Then, expressing what they are doing in words and symbols.

Parents are in a perfect position to reinforce sharing. Talk to your child about how sharing is "dividing". Here are some things that are great for sharing:

french fries
apple slices
playing cards

Take advantage opportunities to show your child the division equation.

Crazy Math Mom Tip

You can actually build the equation with some foods. For example, use french fries to write: 10/2.

Grouping is slightly different from Sharing so it gets it's own section on this site.


Grouping= taking large numbers and breaking them down into equal groups.
Here are some opportunities to teach your child about making equal groups:

1. If you are going on a trip, how many days will you be gone? How many meals will you have to eat out? How many outfits will they need? How many miles per day? (Use whatever is appropriate for your trip). If I am gone for 10 days then I will need to bring 10 outfits, we need 3 meals a day for 10 days, if we go 200 miles per day for 10 days.....

When your cooking there are many opportunites to experience grouping.

When we make toasted cheese sandwiches for 4 of us, we need to get out 2 slices of bread per person and 3 slices of American cheese per person.

When we make rice krispy treats we decide how many treats each person gets. (if we don't there are problems...that is no joke)

Reading Books

I read part of a chapter book to my kids before bed. Together we decide how many pages we need to read each night. How many pages total? How fast do we want to finish the book? How many pages we will need to read each night

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