Division Games

Simple Division Games

Separate a set of objects into 1/2 and recognize that an odd number will leave a leftovers.

Cut your pizza, graham crackers, pies, etc. in 1/2 and 1/4 and show your child what 1/2 and 1/4 looks like!

Next...count food! Sounds weird..but when your eating, look at your plate. How many carrots are there? what is half? are there any leftovers? Explain to your child that if there is a leftover, that number you started with is an odd number.

You can count anything and divide it in half (one for you and one for me). Are there any leftover?

Look for situations to point out the concept of division.There are 4 main situations that we use division in real life.

1. We use division to make equal groups.

A sport shop sells tennis balls in boxes of 6. Adam needs 18 balls. How many boxes should he buy?

2. We use division in Arrays and Area.

An array is made of objects arranged in a rectangular shape.

In division situations, the product and a factor are known, and one solves to find the unknown factor.

3. We use division to make Comparisons

Kim has 6 apples. Bill has 1/3 as many apples as Kim. How many appes does Bll have?

(Divide 6 by 3.)

4. We use division to make combinations

Joel is taking 6 outfits to camp. He has 2 pairs

of shorts and some shirts. How many shirts does Joel have?

How much will we each get? How many days will it last?

Once we started looking for division, we noticed we divide all day. With 5 kids we are always dividing everything. It is incredible when you start pay attention you realize how useful division can be.


What I noticed the most was that my kids naturally divide but, didn't even know it. Now I just point it out and they know that what they are doing is division.

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