Cool Math Shopping Mall Scavenger Hunt

Cool Math Games such as: Scavenger Hunts are always a blast for kids. How about a scavenger hunt that is fun and helps your child excel in math?

You and your child can find math in real life! Math comes alive....something that is difficult to do in the classroom.

Check out yet another unique, custom, Scavenger Hunt made by the Crazy Math Mom

Download the appropriate "Shopping Mall Hunt" for your child's grade level:

Shopping Mall Scavenger Hunt K-2 - Click to download the PDF.

Shopping Mall Scavenger Hunt 3-5 - Click to download the PDF.

Check out our finds:

We found angles everywhere. This bike has an acute angles (less than 90 degrees).

This Spiderman symbol has 1 line of symmetry. We checked to see if it had luck.

The kids had fun counting faces on objects. Boxes are easy...6 faces!

They found 4 digit numbers and figured out each digit's place. What are digits? They are numbers to represent amounts. So here is a 4 digit number. The kids had to tell me: What number is in the ones place? tens place? hundreds place? thousands place?

A sphere!

My 7 year old said " Hey... a sphere is just a fancy word for ball".

Math is truly everywhere. Once you turn you child on to is contagious.

Have you ever wondered if there is a math equivalent to reading at night with your children?

I have too. My kids seemed to be learning about stories, characters, plot, vocabulary naturally because I was reading to them everynight. So naturally ,I started there a math activitiy I could do a few nights a week before bed? Finally, it dawned on me. We could do something on the ceiling above their beds. So I started researching what find of skils and concepts that were benefical for all ages. This is how "Ceiling Math" was born.

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