Your child can master basic math facts...and with a smile!

Are you pulling your hair out trying to help your child with basic math facts?

Is your child still counting on their fingers, using tally marks, or just guessing to answer their basic math facts? You are at your wits end trying to help...worksheets and flashcards don't seem to be helping.

Have you found yourself muttering.... "I learned my math facts by memorizing them why can't my child?"

BUT......Did you really just memorize them?

Actually, you may think you just memorized your math facts but, most likely you used some type of strategy to learn your facts. By now you can answer them so quick that you don't need to use any strategies to get the answer. That's perfect! The goal of mastering basic math facts, is to answer each fact in approx. 3 seconds, according to Van De Walle (prominent mathematics reform research, teacher, author).

What about the other kids who know their basic math facts?

Good question! In fact, some kids learn their math facts without being taught any strategies at public school or through homeschooling.... they invent their own! However, many kids need to be taught those strategies or they will resort to counting on their fingers or using tally marks. Math research has supported the use of strategies to master basic facts since 1935!

So.... the worksheets and math facts you, your child's teacher, or homeschool program have been using might be the problem! Most likely using worksheets are forcing your child to count with their fingers or use some other time consuming method to get through the worksheet.

Those worksheets and flashcards are very important but will not work until your child develops strategies to solve their basic math facts. Once the strategies are developed: worksheets, flashcards, and games increase the speed and accuracy at which your child can answer the problems, eventually making the answers automatic.

No more worries

You can teach your child to develop their own strategies to master all the basic math facts! No need to rely on school or homeschool programs. We will show you what your child needs to know to master their basic facts. To get started click Addition, Subtraction, Muliplication, and Division within your child's grade level. You will see exactly what you need to do to help your child succeed.

In addition to a website full of free games and tools I have created:

1st grade Math Workbook

2nd Grade Math workbook

5 Steps to Multiplication mastery

Released Soon:  Lunch Notes for the Math Genius. 

By Dacia Myhre

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