Addition Games

Addition Games that teach children to:

Create addition problems and write matching equations.

The key here is to make up story problems that engage your children. Use: animals, Legos, Playmobile,etc.

1. Make up a story problem and see if your child can tell you what you would do to get an answer- emphasize the importance of the language in the story problem. Words like: altogether, sum, how much, etc. are important!

2. Encourage your child to solve the problem out loud. You can explain how you solve the problem.

For example: Luke wrote a note to his mother. It took him 68 seconds to find a pen, 42 seconds to find paper, and 41 seconds to write it. Did it take Luke more than 3 minutes to complete the note? Explain.

So...first I will add 68 and 42 ( I share my strategy), then I add 41 (share strategy again). Is that more than 3 minutes? Well, one minute has 60 seconds and I have 151 seconds which is a little more than 2 minutes-so the answer is NO!

*Here is a great place to use addition vocabulary: Add, sum, total , plus, in all , both, together, increased by, all together, combined 

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