Addition Games

Addition Games that teach:

Take numbers apart according to place value. (1234, 1000+200+30+4)

Place Value Jumping: A fun way to help your child understand this is to draw 4 large boxes on your driveway with sidewalk chalk or use masking tape on your carpet. Write 1000 in the first box, 100 in the second, 10 in the third, and 1 in the last box. Give your child a four digit number: 4567. Have your child jump on each box's value and tell you how many thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones the number you chose has. Many children enjoy this activity because it is one of many addition games that involve physical activity. 

We play "What is my Number?": Each person picks a number. We take turns trying to guess each other's number. For example, I secretly pick 4567. So when it is my turn I say 4000+500+60=7. 

At our house we are always waiting in the car to pick someone up from practice.  If you have a newspaper in your car check out these simple addition games......

Newspaper Numbers: It is fun to look through the daily paper and find numbers and break them down too!
I love to we look at the ads and compare prices. Which item is more? less? any the same? This is a fun activity during the holidays....

100 Chart 
100 Chart- Blank 
1000 chart (print on legal size paper) 
1000 Chart- Blank (print on legal size paper) 

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