Addition Games

Addition Games that will teach your child to:

Count forward and backward (fluently) to 1000.

At this level your child will need to be able to fluently count forward and backward to 1000 ( quick and accurate).

WARNING: Be sure your child can count to 100 forwards and backwards before moving on to 1000. The transition numbers are the most difficult, for example, 199 to 200; 399 to 400,etc.

1. Walk forwards and backwards while counting. Counting backwards is quite a challenge and one of many simple addition games. You can do this on a walk, hike, or in the mall. Counting forward and backward by 5's, 10's, 20's is very helpful (especially good for training the mind to think backward).

2. Give your child numbered flashcards in random order and ask her to put them in order and then reverse order.

3.Work on dot-to-dot games in reverse order. Your child will enjoy counting backwards and the picture will look the same at the end.

4. Play "Blast Off." Crouch down so your bodies are low to the ground. Count from 200 to 100 or 500 to 400, etc.(you can count by 5's, 10's, etc), shout "Blast Off" and jump into the air as high as you can.

5. Find the missing number... count backwards and clap instead of saying one they know what it is? Ex: 199, 198, 197, clap 195 ...what number is where the clap is?

6. Play " I Spy " with numbers. Prnt out the 1000 chart ( I recommend that you will get it enlarged at a print shop and post it on the wall). Take turns secretly picking numbers and then giving clues. For example, on my turn I might secretly pick "425". I would start giving clues, I spy an odd number, I spy a number with 4 hundreds. I spy a number that has 5 ones, etc.

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