Addition Games

Addition Games that will teach your child to:

Break numbers apart into thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones.

Parent Note: Specifically your child will need to know: How many thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones are in a number. For example, 125 has one hundred and 2 tens....or....12 tens and 1-5. ( this is very important for multiplication and division later on...)

1. Ask real life questions. My kids love money so I often ask money questions like, "If I had 500 dollars, how many 100 dollar bills would I have?"

Crazy Math Mom Tip: If your child receives an allowance they can keep track of how much they have on a 100's or 300's chart. You can print out the hundreds chart and they can color in the amount of money they have each week. They can watch their money grow and shrink (if they are spenders) in relation to 100 or 300.

Download 100 Chart PDF

Download 300 Chart PDF

2. Check out numbers on license plates. Ask your child to rearrange the numbers from greatest to least. For example, I see a license plate number: YZ-2810. I am going to take the 2810 and rearrange it from greatest to I get 8210.

3. Calculator Games: While your waiting at the the doctor, dentist office, etc. open the calcuator on your phone and play simple addition games:

Make numbers: Say a number and have your child use the calculator to make the number. Then have your child say a number and you use the calculator to make that number. The calculator on your phone is invaluable.

Build a number: Have your child add 1000's, 100's, 10's, and 1's to make numbers. For example you say "1000" then your child writes 1000 on the calculator. Next you say : now add 3-100's, and your child adds 300 or 100 (3x), continue and at the end press the equal sign, and see what number you end up with.

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