Addition Games

Addition games that will teach your child to:

Count and explain where the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands place is up to 9999

1. Place Value Ping Pong: As your driving look at addresses, mailboxes, or anything with multiple numbers. Have your child say the first number and you say the place value for that number (like a ping- pong ball going back and forth). Work through the whole number, then change roles and you say the numbers while the child says it's place value. For example, an address is 3924. For example, one person says "3" and the other one says "thousands" (like a ping pong ball going back and forth), then 9 and the response is "hundred". How fast can you get through the number? To get started you can use the 1000 chart (located on this page) as a tool.

2. Songs:

Many songs require children to count backward. Start at 1000 (you can choose a stopping place- counting down to 1 will take a long time). A popular song is The Ants Go Marching. You can find versions of it on Other choices are Five Little Ducks and Monkeys in a Tree. All of these are songs that have been sung for generations; words and music may be found on the Internet. Older kids like " (1000) Bottles of Pop on the Wall"!

3. Musical Numbers (like musical chairs): Write several four or five digit numbers (1 number for each child playing) with sidewalk chalk on the ground. Play/sing music and then stop it and shout a place value position (for example " Hundreds"). Your children must run to one of the numbers and stand on the hundreds spot (if that is what you called out). Erase that place value position in one number. Now play again, erasing one place value position number at at a time (the choices will be dwindling). A child is out of the game if they don't aren't standing on a place value position when the music stops. Play until there is one person left standing on the last number.

*These simple addition games will help your child realize that every digit has a place value. It will benefit them so much in class.

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