Addition Games

Math Games that teach your child to:

Round numbers to the nearest 10, 100, and 1000.

Can your child round 24 to the nearest 10?

Can your child round 277 to the nearest 100?

Can your child round 2990 to the nearest 1000? 

Rounding numbers is basically just knowing the middle of the road. 5 is half of 10 ( round up if it is 5 or above), 50 is half of 100, round up if it is 50 or above, 500 is half of 1000, round up if it is 500 or more. 

1. Savvy Shopping: Shopping is a great way to practice rounding. I don't know about you, but our family is always on a budget. When I shop I always keep a running tally of how much I am spending in my head. I am rounding. Now granted I usually round up but, when I am with my kids I follow the "middle of the road" rule. 

2. You be the Cashier: When ever we are shopping we keep a running total, we use the calculator on my phone ( you could use paper too!). I let my children take turns being the cashier. When we put something in our cart we round the price up or down and add it to the total. It is really fun to see if our estimate is close to the actual total. Addition games like this are fun and serve a "real life" purpose.

3. Everday Estimating: My mind runs wild thinking about all the estimating I do everyday. I round the price of gas off to the nearest ten or hundred. I round the combo meal at lunch off to the nearest dollar. I round the price of movie tickets and popcorn. The list is endless. Instead of doing these things in your head, involve your kids, tell them what your doing and why. Addition games can be as simple as explaining how you do math and asking questions.

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