Addition Games

Addition Games that teach your child to:

Count and Write up to 1000

Note: Kids are starting to understand place value. Initially, they may begin to realize that 100 is made of 10's and 1000 is made of many 100's.

1. Count often. It is good to know that you can start anywhere, counting to 1000 takes a while. Once your child can count to 100 you can count to 150...and then later 550-600. Once kids understand the number pattern ( I often call numbers copy cats because they copy each other - 21-22-23 and 31-32-33). MAKE IT FUN- count in the car, doctor's office, whisper count, etc. Count like a cowboy, like your from England, like a robot, you get the idea.

Great idea: Stairs. Make a habit of associating walking up stairs (or down) with counting. Everytime you walk up stairs you count, you can start with any number. My 3rd grader starts with 1,500, 1501, etc. What about 1,000,000?

2. Write a few numbers at a time, and once they get the written pattern kids will breeze through it (again...I often call numbers copy cats because they copy each other - 21-22-23 and 31-32-33.)

*When you write numbers with your child a good rule of thumb is to just start at the top. I talk them through making each number when they are first learning or when your trying to improve their number formation. So I would hold up my finger in the air and say “start at the top”, then pull it straight down for a 1. Don't be confined to writing on paper-get CREATIVE! Write the numbers in the air, on each others arm, in the dirt, in rice, etc.

* you can just don't have to write the numbers every time*

3. Post and play games with a 1000 chart. Download the 1000 chart. I highly recommend taking the chart to a local copy shop and having it enlarged. You can post in anywhere in your home. You won't believe how much you can refer to it throughout the day.

1000 Chart

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