Addition Games

Addition games

Neighbors (Close to doubles)
Adding and subtracting 1 or 2 from any double fact.

If your child knows their doubles they can count backwards and forward 1 or 2. Doubles minus/plus 1 or 2are called Neighbors. Once practiced many kids get it..keep practicing!

Your child may need more support when you begin: Use two ten frames to practice adding and subtracting close to doubles. Start with the double equation (5+5-indicated by orange) then add 1: (5+6 (indicated by red)) and add 2: (5+7 (indicated by red and green)). For subtraction you can take away the dots. Start with 5+5 then take away 1 or 2.

It is okay to use fingers to count on or back as long as are counting on or counting back starting with the larger number. For example, for the equation 6+2, the child says 6 and then uses fingers to count up two.

1. Tape two ten frames to your refrigerator, have your child use magnets to add or subtract two of the same number, then add and subtract 1. You can shout out " 5+6=?" or 5-4=? How fast can they answer?

2. A fun way to practice this is to post sticky notes around the house with equations that involve adding or subtracting 1 or 2. A few times a week you can have a "Math Moment", which consists of a sticky note with a math equation on it. I usually hide it and give clues as to where it is.

3. Memory Tricks:

Check out these Memory tricks:

0 - grape problems: Say, "Eat the grape, write the other number!"

+ 1 - next guy problems: Say, "Write the next guy!" (meaning the next number)

At first you can say the rhymes as your child is doing the problem and later just give a reminder. For example, "What kind of problem is this?"

-Rhymes by , from Math 101

4. Double's Neighbors

( this game will reinforce the idea of Neighbors)

Anywhere you are you can chant a double and have your child chant it's neighbor.  For example, chant 5 + 5 = 10 then, your child responds: WALK-TO-THE-NEIGHBORS 5 + 6= 11.

2nd grade students should be able to answer close to doubles/ neighbors math facts using a strategy that works for them.

3rd Grade students are expected to master these facts. Mastery means they can answer in 3 seconds or less and be accurate.

Addition Games Tool: 10 Frame

Tool: 10 Frame-Download PDF

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