Addition Games

These addition games will teach your child:

Add Zero

Kids should know that 0 means nothing, it has no value, it doesn't change a number if you add or subtract it with 0.

Once your child understands that 0 doesn't effect a number, practice adding and subtracting 0 with worksheets( that only have subtracting 0 on them).

This usually goes easy. Regardless, it is important to know and creates confidence.

Counting on or back by 1,2, or 3

2nd grade students should be able to answer math facts that involve counting on or back by 1, 2, or 3 using a strategy that works for them.

3rd Grade students are expected to master counting on or back. Mastery means they can answer in 3 seconds or less and be accurate.


1. This is so simple yet, usually very eye opening. Tell your child adding and subtracting 1,2,or 3 is just counting forwards or backwards by 1,2,or 3. Practice- sometimes this is all you need. When kids realize that counting backwards 3 from 20 can just count backward to get the answer, they are so excited!

2. Use a ten frame ( this is the coolest tool ever) and objects to add and subtract numbers by 1,2 or 3. Now is the time to use two ten frames side by side so your child can work with larger numbers. Point out that each column has 5 squares, each 10 frame has 10 squares, and two frames means there is 20 squares. Practice using the two 10 frames to add and subtract 1 or 2.
For example, 16+3. I have my kids use fill in the ten frame with the largest number(16) and then add/subtract 3 from the ten frame.

You can eventually just use the ten frame as a visual tool and mentally do the math.

Download a 10-Frame

More ideas for 10 frame games

(seriously, this is worth it to read)

I couldn't believe how hard it was for my son to count backward. He didn't realize that counting backward is subtracting. It was cool to watch him when he figured it out. I have to remind him about counting backward when he is doing homework; but, it really works.


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