Addition Games

Addition Games that teach your child to:

Count forward and backward to 100.
(counting flawlessly forward and backward is essential to mastering addition facts)

Start with 1-30 the work up to 100. Counting backwards is hard. For example to go from 30 to 29, kids need to not only think that the twenties come before the thirties, but also to go to 29 rather than just 20.

1. Walk backwards while counting backwards. Go up the stairs backwards and count.

2. Find the missing number... count backwards and clap instead of saying one they know what it is? Ex: 41, 40, 39, clap, 37...what number is where the clap is?

3, Use a hundreds chart:

Print off a copy of the hundred chart (below). Have your child count by 2's, 5's, and 10's to 100. You won't believe the patterns and discoveries your child will find.

Download the 100 Chart PDF

Warning: Being Able to Count to 100 Doesn't Mean your Child Knows Math

Memorization is not a effective way to learn math.

Being able to count to 100 doesn't necessarily indicate mathematical understanding. Memorization is important, but it's not the bottom line. The skills and concepts that make for a strong understanding of math are broader and involve more complex relationships. For example, it's a great beginning to recognize the number 13. But in order to grasp mathematics a child needs to understand the meaning of 13.

Children begin to count by themselves when they are young. A child will count the number of steps it takes to reach the door, how many snowflakes there are on his scarf(or try to!). They constantly try to make sense of how time is measured. What the thermometer outside the window related to temperature. How the road is measured in miles or kilometers. Small children can even recognize the ATM machine as a source of money. A true understanding of math is fostered by hands-on activities that connect a child to the world of numbers.

My 6 year old can count to 1000, he is brillant. The problem is that he has no idea what the difference is between 100 and 500. After visiting your site, I know that it is not that unusual. I will keep connecting the meaning of the number with the actual number.


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