Addition Games

Addition Games that will teach:

Know what Fact Families are and explain how addition and subtraction are related.

Note: Children in this stage usually know what fact families are but this is the age where they need to go from knowing of them to understanding them.

A fact family is a family of related facts.

For example: 4+2=6, 2+4=6, 6-4=2, 6-2=4

How can I help my child understand fact families?

1. Race fact families- While we are driving down the road one of us will say "7 +3= 10" and who ever completes the fact family wins ( they will say 3+7=10, 10-7=3, 10-3=10).

2. Dice- roll two dice and write as many facts as you can using the two numbers rolled. Whoever finishes writing them first gets a point. Roll again.

3. Around Town -While you are driving in the car, use the two digits in the speed limit sign to make fact families. For example, 25 mph....2+5=7, 5+2=7, 7-2=5, 7-5=2.

4. Fact Family Story

Read your child the Fact Family Story. Practice retelling the story with different fact families.

Download the Fact Family Story

Download the Fact Family Equations

5. "Furry Fact Families": Use 6 stuffed animals. You will need to put masking tape name tags on them. On each animal's nametag write a number from a specific fact family , like: 8,3 and 11. On the other 3 stuffed animal's name tags write one of the following on each animals: =, _, and +. Now you can move the 3 "number" stuffed animals around the plus, minus, and equal sign, stuffed animals. This will create 4 different equations.
Once the animals are in place you can have them verbalize the equation. For example:

Hi my name is 8.
Hi my name is 3 and my name is 11.
We are a fact family.
We can do 4 things together.
8+3=11, 3+8=11, 11-3=8, 11-8=3.

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