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Write/Solve all addition facts involving adding 0, 1, 2, or 3

FYI: The use of a ten frame is so important. You should have one taped inside in your car, in the homework area, etc. As children realize that the 10 frame consists of 2 columns with 5 in each row, they will start to understand how addition and subtraction works. There are tons of addition games you can play with it!

Don't know what a 10 frame is? Don't is simple a strip of ten squares, we use it to show kids what 3 looks like compared to 10, etc.

addition games

For example, if you put objects in 4 squares it is easy to see that only 1 is left in the row on the bottom, so 4 and 1 equal 5. If you put 3 objects in the other row , you can see there are to left, so 3+2=5.

If you move one object down to make 5, then scoot the other two to the right you can see that the row of 5 if filled and then count 6, 7 for the two on the top.

* Later combining 2-10 frames helps children work with numbers 1-20.

1. Play story games with the 10 frame. This seems simple but if you personalize it, kids will love to play along. I use siblings, your brother was cloned 6 times and you were cloned 2 times how children do I have? Your friend bought you 2 lego sets and you already had many do you have now? My kids use Legos as markers on the 10 frame.

2 Check out these 10 frame games

When playing games like this it is a perfect time to include addition vocabulary in your story problems.

Use words like:
Add, sum, total , plus, in all , both, together, increased by, all together, combined

* Don't forget to show your kids the matching written equation; although at this stage the concept is more important than the number sentence.

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